version(with_breaking_cgi_features && with_addon_servers)
class EventSourceServerImplementation : EventSourceServer , EventIoServer {}

Inherited Members

From EventSourceServer

void adoptConnection(Cgi cgi, in char[] eventUrl)

sends this cgi request to the event server so it will be fed events. You should not do anything else with the cgi object after this.

void sendEvent(string url, string event, string data, int lifetime)

Sends an event to the event server, starting it if necessary. The event server will distribute it to any listening clients, and store it for lifetime seconds for any later listening clients to catch up later.

void connect(string url, string forwardUrl)

Messages sent to url will also be sent to anyone listening on forwardUrl.

void disconnect(string url, string forwardUrl)

Disconnects forwardUrl from url