This package consists of additional widgets for arsd.minigui.

Each module stands alone on top of minigui.d; none in this package depend on each other, so you can pick and choose the modules that look useful to you and ignore the others.

These modules may or may not expose native widgets, refer to the documentation in each individual to see what it does.



module arsd.minigui_addons.color_dialog

Displays a color-picker dialog box. On Windows, uses the standard system dialog you know from Paint. On X, uses a custom one with hsla and rgba support.

module arsd.minigui_addons.datetime_picker

Add-on to arsd.minigui to provide date and time widgets.

module arsd.minigui_addons.nanovega

An arsd.minigui widget that can embed arsd.nanovega.

module arsd.minigui_addons.terminal_emulator_widget

Creates a UNIX terminal emulator, nested in a minigui widget.

module arsd.minigui_addons.webview

A webview (based on arsd.webview) for minigui.

Detailed Description

When writing a minigui addon module, keep the following in mind:

  • Use static if(UsingWin32Widgets) and static if(UsingCustomWidgets) if you want to provide both native Windows and custom drawn alternatives. Do NOT use version because versions are not imported across modules.
  • Similarly, if you need to write platform-specific code, you can use static if(UsingSimpledisplayX11) to check for X. However, here, version(Windows) also works pretty well.
  • It is not allowed to import any other minigui_addon module. This is to ensure it remains individual addons, not a webby mess of a library.