A function the sigint handler will call (if overridden - which is the case when RealTimeConsoleInput is active on Posix or if you compile with TerminalDirectToEmulator version on any platform at this time) in addition to the library's default handling, which is to set a flag for the event loop to inform you.

Remember, this is called from a signal handler and/or from a separate thread, so you are not allowed to do much with it and need care when setting TLS variables.

I suggest you only set a __gshared bool flag as many other operations will risk undefined behavior.

This function is never called on the default Windows console configuration in the current implementation. You can use -version=TerminalDirectToEmulator to guarantee it is called there too by causing the library to pop up a gui window for your application.
void delegate() nothrow @(nogc) sigIntExtension;



Added March 30, 2020. Included in release v7.1.0.